The big Picture, participation form

    Thank you for participating in our project, you rock!
    We need some information so we can use your drawings in the big picture, please fill out this form.
    If you are uploading more than one picture, you will need to fill out a new form for each picture.
    Please write a text that will tell the story of your drawing,
    in 4-6 sentences,
    do not copy/paste the same text for all your drawings.,
    You could for example explain how the drawing you did represent where you are now in the world, why you did decide to move, or stay where you are…, why you chose to draw this particular subject….
    You can write your text in English or in any other language.

    By checking “Yes”, I give permission to “The big picture, Collective Art project” to use and modify the image and comments (the “Content”) I am sending in the collective art work. I am giving the right to display, use, publish the Content for commercial or exhibition purposes. I also consent to the Content being included as part of “The big picture” digital or printed Artwork.