How to participate:

Participation is free and open to anyone from everywhere in the world.
Look here for more details about making and sending us your work.
We are encouraging all community groups to join us in the elaboration of this collective art work, please share this opportunity with your friends and family.​​

I don’t know how to draw!​​​​

We want to make this project accessible to everyone and we believe that with a little bit of help everyone can draw. Look at this page to get ideas about how to participate in the project.
We are more interested in your life journey and locations than your skills as a drawer. You will have the opportunity to share a text with your drawing and explain what you represented.

What is going to happen with the project?

  • Once the project is completed, we will be looking at exhibiting it in art galleries or museums .
  • Monthly prizes by our sponsors to the most interesting contributions.
  • We will publish books with a selection of contributions.
  • Unique opportunity to share the life stories that are important to you with a wide audience.

Be a part of something big!

Stay tuned for an exclusive reveal of the completed Big Picture on the

What materials can I use?

  • Your drawing can be on any square white surface and of any size as long as it is square.
  • You will have to scan or take a picture of your drawing to upload it. It has to be a jpeg file and the minimum size is 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  • Use markers or ink so your drawing is black on white. You could also use charcoal, pastels, fine liners, markers… Graphite if you have a good enough contrast on your drawing.
  • You can add a few colored highlights.
  • You upload a maximum of 4 drawings per person
  • We reserve the right to refuse drawings that would be not safe for viewing, or too poorly photographed or scanned.

 What can I draw?

Anything about your life story, present, past or future.

For example:

  • where you are from
  • where you live now
  • your everyday life
  • significant events
  • what you like
  • who you love
  • your pets
  • your inspiration
  • your state of mind…

Take a look at this page for ideas: What are people talking about in the Big Picture? part 1

Visit our resource page to see actual examples and techniques you could use and captions.

What size should my art be?

You can make your drawing any size as long as it is square.
If we print the final picture for an exhibition, your drawing will be automatically so it can fit into the display of the Big Picture.

 Is there a deadline?

There might be one in the future but we are keeping the project on going for now.

What is going to be accepted or not?

1-Is photography accepted?
No, your picture must be a drawing, but you are welcome to use a picture as a reference. If your reference picture is by someone else, you should ask for permission before using it as a reference.
2- Is digital art accepted?
Yes as long as your digital drawing is done with sharp black lines so we can process your image.
3- Nudity
We will accept drawings with nudity as long as they are not pornographic in nature.
All life experiences are not joyful in nature and we are very open to the idea that sharing these experiences can be part of an artistic approach. We also have to keep the collective art work safe for viewing by a public of all ages.
We reserve the right to refuse any image or text of a hateful, racist or discriminatory nature.

Where can I upload the drawings?

It is very important so your picture can be accepted that you are taking a good picture or scan of your drawing.

If possible, we recommend that you scan your image, you will get a better quality of picture. When scanning, save your image as a JPEG file as PDF won’t upload in the form.

If scanning is not possible and you are taking a picture please:

  • Check that you have enough lighting
  • Hold your camera or cell phone parallel to the drawing
  • Check that your image is not blurry

If you have 4 pictures ready to upload, you will need to upload them one at the time and fill out the form 4 times.

How to increase my chances of being featured with my text?


Write about something personal or autobiographical :your life experiences, the places you lived, what makes you happy or sad, memories, travels, your family, your pets, experiences of loss or challenges, successes…


What medium or technique you used might not be relevant to the story you are telling.

Copying your artist statement especially when very general will reduce your chances of being featured, we like better a text that is specific to each drawing.


Price and size of your drawing, your website or social media accounts, your email… If website visitors like your work, they can always google your name and find you.

Click here to enter your drawing