Join us for a free drawing demo at Opus North Vancouver on August 12

free demo at Opus art supplies store for the big picture art project

Anyone Can Draw! The Big Picture Collective Art Project with Sandrine Pelissier & Sophie Babeanu

North Vancouver
Sat, August 12, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Sat, August 12, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus North Vancouver or contact them at 604‑904‑0447 to register.

The Big Picture is a collective art project where people in our local area and around the world are collaborating to create a big mosaic picture from thousands of smaller drawings.

    If you would like to participate in this exciting project and agree to any of the following:

  • The idea of drawing sends chills down your spine
  • You have an interesting story to share
  • Last time you drew something was in elementary school
  • Your dog ate all your drawings (we won’t ask…)
  • You want to try some simple exercises for yourself
  • You feel like attending a demo by two heavily French accented ladies

Then this is the demo for you!

Sandrine and Sophie will show you some simple drawing techniques: line contour drawing, line and cross hatching, cross contour drawing, scumbling technique, drawing with twigs. You will also have the chance to try for yourself some fun techniques like continuous drawing, blind continuous drawing, and drawing with your non dominant hand.

Attendees are asked to bring along a sketchbook and a pencil or pen to sketch along with Sandrine and Sophie.


Sandrine Pelissier is a North Vancouver-based visual artist and the author of Fearless Watercolor for Beginners. Her work has been published in many books and magazines.

She writes the popular blog:

Sophie Babeanu is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist. She graduated from Langara College in Vancouver and is also a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA). She has hundreds of hours of practice with children, seniors and adults from all walks of life.

Make a monoprint the easy way

In art a monotype or monoprint is a print taken from oil paint, or ink on glass or metal

Making felt tip pens monotypes is an easy and fast way to make a drawing from a picture, and you can do it by using materials you most likely already have at home.

To make a monoprint, you will need:

  • A sheet of glass, or Plexiglas
  • Washable felt tip pens
  • printing paper
  • Water spray bottle
  • Tissue paper
  • fineliners, pastels, etc… to add details to your drawing
  • A reference picture that you printed preferably to at least a 8-10 inches size.

Here is how to make a simple monoprint

Place a sheet of Plexiglas or glass over your photo and start by delimiting the edges of your print. To participate in the Big Picture, you will need a square drawing. You could also make a rectangular drawing and crop it to a square format later.

If the ink from your felt has trouble staying on the glass or Plexiglas, you can try to rinse your Plexiglas or glass with soapy water.

Using a washable felt, draw over your picture directly on the Plexiglas, choosing what you will want to keep in your print and what you will want to leave. This technique is not as precise as a drawing so you might have to simplify a bit the design.

You will have the opportunity to add more details after the print has been done, directly on your paper.

Depending on your reference picture, you can use cross hatching or stripes to represent light grey, for example in a background.

Once you are done, wet a piece of printing paper or watercolor paper with a spray bottle.

You want the paper to be damp but not too wet, take off the extra moisture with a paper towel.

Then apply that damp paper on top of the Plexiglas.

Press lightly with your fingers, being careful not to move the paper.

Then gently pull off the paper from the Plexiglas. Let the paper dry.

Sometimes, you have enough ink left on the Plexiglas to make a second print.

Once the paper has time to dry, you can use fine liners to add details to your print.

You can also use pastels or Art Stix, colored pencils….

The finished drawing by Sophie Babeanu.

Here are a few drawings done with this technique

Once your drawing is done, scan it or take a picture and upload it here



There is now an easy way to share your drawings on Facebook

We made it easy for you to share your Big Picture participation on Social media.
It now takes just 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Find your drawing

On the “See the Big Picture ” page:

  • Type your name in the search box
  • Click on search
  • Select one of the results under the search box
  • Wait for the zoom, until you can see your drawing full size on the Big Picture
  • Click on “Share this drawing on social media”

Step 2: Share it on social media

  • Choose the social media you want to use by clicking on the icons
  • If you don’t see the picture on the Facebook page, just refresh the page and you will see it.

That’s it!