This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Katya Bozukova

Country: United Kingdom

The Story behind my drawing:

As a woman doing martial arts, I often get comments about how un-feminine I am: that I am a 'brute', 'scary', 'terrifying'. This is so much part of my experience, my nickname at my local club is 'pitbull'. While martial arts accepts women of all stripes, temperaments, and body types, I sometimes feel like a witch because of the way I choose to represent myself. However, I chose not to let these comments become hurtful, and I embrace them instead of turning them away. I am proud of my work and I am proud of my scars and I am proud to be who I am - even if it does not fit in with what society says women should be like.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

Vancouver makes me think about freedom and success. Travelling there would be amazing, because it would mean I have enough money to afford the ticket, and enough clout so that I am not turned away at the border. (As a Bulgarian living in the UK, the reality of internationalism is made clear to me every single day.)

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