This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Karima H

Country: Mexico

The Story behind my drawing:

When I moved from Mexico to Canada the cultural shock was difficult. One difference in particular was the lack of hugs. This drawing is talking about this new environment and how I am adapting to it. Moving to another country involves meeting lots of new people, everyone is a stranger at first. In Mexico when we say hello to someone we know or don't know we hug them, here in Canada they usually don't. This pandas are not afraid of hugging.

I moved from Mexico to Canada to study Fine Arts and Body & Mind Therapy. Vancouver became a special place that exposed me to a completely different live that I had in my country. Despite being a growing city, Vancouver encourages the conservation and protection of the environment which I found fascinating. The multicultural experience of the city is a great opportunity to know other cultures and expand the interpretation of reality.

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