This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Karen Colville

Country: Canada

The Story behind my drawing:

My connection to Vancouver is holistic, simple as unique,with access to parks and trails,water ways, gardens evokes connection to the natural environment ,including community gardens as a natural healing modality.I feel a deeper innovative and spiritual connection with the Creator, to the land and people in a natural and healthy environment, not all of BC a pretty picture.A positive impact on my life enabling my self to help myself and others, I feel very fortunate to be living here now.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:I am Karen Colville ,Visual Artist,differently abled creating unique healing images in Super Natural BC. I go on location to create sketches, inspire paintings. I survived previous physical trauma in Ontario and working through my health challenges having access to nature in BC has gifted tremendous healing and recovery. A natural health recovery journey in Vancouver,and Coast Salish Territories, to increase mobility as access to nature is of great vast importance,as occupational therapy. Thi

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