This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Hanaa Saeed

Country: Egypt

The Story behind my drawing:

One of the most annoying things is when someone borrows a pen and never gives it back..Well..I was attending an English conversation course, I had no pen then, One of my colleagues lent me an extra pen she had which was clearly new,
that day I absolutely forgot to give it back, i
I wrote notes to myself (on my hand, on my planner..etc) to remember; however, every single time I forgot!!! So frustrating!!
The lessons were over and there was no chance to meet "the pen owner" ever again..Two months passed and I never used it...never felt it's main..
One day while I was in a nearby pharmacy _where I am training_ A humble old man entered and asked for his medicine..nothing special..
And out of nowhere he said: "Don't you have one you don't need ?"
I opened my pen case...gave him the pen...
_"whose pen is this?"
_"Sir, it is yours" I smiled
He accepted it happily..
After a couple of days he came again with the pen in his shirt pocket..
Everything happens for a reason.. :)

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