This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Susan Daily

Country: United States

The Story behind my drawing:

I drew this self portrait rather quickly, concentrating on the shape of my face and trying to capture with lines the main features of my face. I am noticing that in this phase of my life I am shocked at my own appearance as an aging person, though the features are familiar, they are not what I expect to see! The sweater pattern was fun to do, and took the longest time. When I was drawing this I was entirely in the present moment, and I like that there is humor in it as well. I'm 67 years old now, and my being able to do art and continue to learn things refreshes me and keeps me feeling alive and enthusiastic about life.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

Vancouver is a dream like place to me, very far from home, with beautiful forests and dramatic outdoor vistas. I hope to have the chance to go there and paint and draw in the future. It's also the home of this project, which I think is most wonderful, like connecting people and their dreams from all over the globe in universal themes and personal feelings.

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