This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Laurence Caron C.

Country: Canada

The Story behind my drawing:

I always considered that drawing someone’s portrait is an intimate act, a way to enter the most secret and truthful part of somebody’s soul. As a transgender, I’ve lived a disrupted link to my body. During my transition from male to agendered person (using They, them singular pronoun) I deconstructed the binary gender system and it influenced my art. While Iwas getting a bachelor degree in the field of art I concentrated my work around realism and surrealism, but those styles didn’t seem to fit me, because I kept on asking questioning the conformity to beauty and aesthetics standards. I realised that pointillism and strokes were a way to deconstruct the image and that it fits with my way of understanding the body aesthetic. I kept tracks of the moments I was the less dysphoric to realise that it was only while I was naked. Afterward, it’s really logic, because while I’m naked, I look at my body for what it is, nothing more, nothing less, instead of looking at it through a social constr

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