This picture is part of the Big Picture Art Project!

Drawing by Rory Fehr

Country: Canada

The Story behind my drawing:

My childhood is littered with memories of visiting my great grandparent's house in Silver Valley, AB. These memories mostly consist of quading to the river, searching for Gypsum in the washout near by, and lots of chats around their dinning table. Opa's stories and old memories still make me laugh, and while I observe Nana's amazing knitting skills, I ponder how they are able to store so much energy in their old, fragile bodies. As they pass their sixty-seventh anniversary, with four children, eight grand children, and eleven great grand children, the whole family, their friends, and their neighbors and both proud and surprised that they are still living on their own. My sketch represents those memories of sitting around the table, in their miss-matched chairs, playing Scrabble, and those of trying to play Pool in their basement. Such times I wish to hold forever, but will have to satisfy with the memories instead.

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