The Big Picture Art Project : May 2017 pics of the month

We are picking up speed, it is nice to see the Big Picture growing in front of our eyes!

Here is a selection of some of the drawings uploaded this month, those drawings have been chosen to showcase the diversity of the participations.

Click on any picture to see it on the Big Picture and read the caption:


Stephanie Burgee
United States
Anna Sophie Ruju

PJ Preston
Shannon Porter

Huy Nguyễn

Carlos Granja

Patricia Lortie

Yvania Amrbozino

Margot Snelder 

Each participant can upload up to 4 pictures, so feel free to upload more if you are under the 4 pictures limit.

Good news!

We are collaborating with Copic markers, Starthmore papers, Panpastels and Speeball to offer prizes to the most interesting participations. If you already submitted a drawing, you are automatically entered to win a prize.
If you haven’t submitted a drawing yet, the deadline to win a prize is June 14 th.

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