What are people talking about in the Big Picture? part 1

There are many sources of inspirations and subjects you can share on the Big Picture. Here are a few examples:

Everyday life and family

Drawing by Nishtha Pathak
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Animals and pets in your life

Drawing by karen mcCready
See that Drawing on the Big Picture

Your inspiration

Drawing by Marja Ouwerling
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Being at a cross-roads

Drawing by Glaucia Mir
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Your childhood memories

Drawing by Souha Yaacoub
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Places you visited

Drawing by Smita Srivastav
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Congratulations to the winners of our first giveaway !

We selected the winners of our first giveaway. Congratulations to the talented artists and story tellers!

We will let you know soon the deadline for our next giveaway, with even more prizes by our sponsors. You are entered automatically by participating in the Big Picture.

Copic Prize: Marie Bellu

The story behind my drawing:

My love of drawing grew since I was 6 years and I discovered the series of Dinomir, drawed by Quentin Blake. Later, I have been interested in children’s books with my job (I’m teacher) and it has become a passion.
However, I started taking the pencil a few years ago because I didn’t dare before.
Look and make children’s illustrations are moments of great pleasure for me.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

Vancouver is at 8486 km from me. I saw photos and I really want to visit this city a day.




Marie wins a  Strathmore Vision sketchbook 5.5 x 8.5 and a Copic Multiliner set of inking pens


Strathmore Prize: Gwen Moncrieff

The Story behind my drawing:

60 years ago, we drove from Britannia Beach to Vancouver, and of course we always had to cross over the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Years later when I was taking my elderly dad for a trip around his old haunts in Vancouver he told me that one of his first jobs as a young diamond driller was to help drill the holes that hold the huge cables of the Lion’s Gate Bridge in the ground. I feel so much safer on that bridge knowing that! He was a very conscientious, careful worker …definitely what you want when building a bridge!

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

This bridge makes me remember my Dad and all the changes that the bridge allowed to happen around Vancouver. Moving from a town to huge city in my lifetime!




Gwen wins 1 Strathmore Vision sketchbook 7 x 10 and 1 Copic Multiliner set of inking pens


PanPastel Prize #1 : Dee-Ann LeBlanc

The Story behind my drawing:

In the winter of 2006 I took a dream trip to Tokyo and Sapporo with friends, thanks to the help of my parents. The trip was a pop culture tour, full of people who were genuinely interested in the culture, foods, etc. of modern Japan, and was a joy to participate in. The scene I’ve depicted is from a picture I took in Sapporo, at a conveyer belt sushi place we visited. I remember feeling like the plastic bubbles over the sushi looked like little Jetsons’ cars, and that they were a smart idea given that it’s easy for conveyor belt sushi to pick up germs otherwise. Most places I’ve seen don’t have it covered. I will always have fond memories of this trip.

This is the first time I’ve used my digital tablet to draw a complete image. It was a fun experiment and I think makes for a nice nod to the way the Japanese embrace new technologies and advancements.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

In 1994 I moved from the eastern US to North Vancouver and married my online sweetheart. Today, I’m a Canadian citizen and we’re still together, living an hour north of Vancouver. I always enjoy sharing the lower mainland of BC with visiting friends and family, and I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful, caring place.




Dee-Ann wins 1 pan pastels sets with 5 colors of your choice, a tray and a soft tools starter set


PanPastel Prize #2 : Marilyn Theisel

The Story behind my drawing:

Bush fires are a major part of life in Australia, and devastation from these cause havoc and destruction, not only to human homes but also to fauna and flora. Here, the life’s work of a wildlife carer has been destroyed, native animals died, but the relief to survive both for herself and an injured kangaroo is expressed as they hug each other. Whatever happens in any place around the world, we should embrace the good, the hope and love around us.

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

Vancouver, with it’s natural environment, fauna and flora, which are also at risk from human intervention and natural environment forces, is similar to that of my own homeland. We all face disasters, but the camaraderie of the people can be counted on at all times, as we collectively come together as one family to help and support.




Marilyn wins 1 pan pastels sets with 5 colors of your choice, a tray and a soft tools starter set


Speedball Prize: Anna Deligianni

The Story behind my drawing:

One percent:
This is a piece that describes my feelings on living in the city, a place that combines art and technology in a magical way. Growing up in the Athens, I was always fascinated by dancing, as my mother used to take me to many performances throughout my life. The way of expressing yourself through your body and art, is also one of the experiences that encouraged me to lead my life as a visual artist.
theatrical plays I watch, long walks and hikes I like to take, to the moments of rest and relaxation

My connection to #Vancouver or what Vancouver evokes to me:

I find a lot of interest in the activity of artists from Vancouver. I am especially interested in the case of Kathryn Lissack and Anne Sargent, two women with different style, but huge dynamics in their work, as well as a modern flavor.




Anna wins a Speedball Sketching Artist Set


Once again congratulations to all participating artists, we could select only 5 winners and this was a difficult tasks as many of you shared stories and drawings that did touch, interest and amazed us 🙂

Make a monoprint the easy way

In art a monotype or monoprint is a print taken from oil paint, or ink on glass or metal

Making felt tip pens monotypes is an easy and fast way to make a drawing from a picture, and you can do it by using materials you most likely already have at home.

To make a monoprint, you will need:

  • A sheet of glass, or Plexiglas
  • Washable felt tip pens
  • printing paper
  • Water spray bottle
  • Tissue paper
  • fineliners, pastels, etc… to add details to your drawing
  • A reference picture that you printed preferably to at least a 8-10 inches size.

Here is how to make a simple monoprint

Place a sheet of Plexiglas or glass over your photo and start by delimiting the edges of your print. To participate in the Big Picture, you will need a square drawing. You could also make a rectangular drawing and crop it to a square format later.

If the ink from your felt has trouble staying on the glass or Plexiglas, you can try to rinse your Plexiglas or glass with soapy water.

Using a washable felt, draw over your picture directly on the Plexiglas, choosing what you will want to keep in your print and what you will want to leave. This technique is not as precise as a drawing so you might have to simplify a bit the design.

You will have the opportunity to add more details after the print has been done, directly on your paper.

Depending on your reference picture, you can use cross hatching or stripes to represent light grey, for example in a background.

Once you are done, wet a piece of printing paper or watercolor paper with a spray bottle.

You want the paper to be damp but not too wet, take off the extra moisture with a paper towel.

Then apply that damp paper on top of the Plexiglas.

Press lightly with your fingers, being careful not to move the paper.

Then gently pull off the paper from the Plexiglas. Let the paper dry.

Sometimes, you have enough ink left on the Plexiglas to make a second print.

Once the paper has time to dry, you can use fine liners to add details to your print.

You can also use pastels or Art Stix, colored pencils….

The finished drawing by Sophie Babeanu.

Here are a few drawings done with this technique

Once your drawing is done, scan it or take a picture and upload it here



There is now an easy way to share your drawings on Facebook

We made it easy for you to share your Big Picture participation on Social media.
It now takes just 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Find your drawing

On the “See the Big Picture ” page:

  • Type your name in the search box
  • Click on search
  • Select one of the results under the search box
  • Wait for the zoom, until you can see your drawing full size on the Big Picture
  • Click on “Share this drawing on social media”

Step 2: Share it on social media

  • Choose the social media you want to use by clicking on the icons
  • If you don’t see the picture on the Facebook page, just refresh the page and you will see it.

That’s it!

We will be at the Pipe shop in North Vancouver this Friday from 8 pm to 10 pm

Sophie and I will be at the night market in the pipe shop this coming Friday June 9 from 8 pm to 10 pm, organizing an activity with the North Vancouver Community Arts Council with everything you need to make a drawing to participate in the Big Picture.

Come see us and make a self portrait or a drawing with an easy monoprint technique, everyone can do it!



10 more days to enter our giveaway

On June 14th we will select 5 of the most interesting contributions to the Big Picture for our first giveaway and they will win prizes by our sponsors:


  • 2 pan pastels sets with 5 colors of your choice, a tray and a soft tools starter set
  • 1 Strathmore Vision sketchbook 5.5 x 8.5 and a Copic Multiliner set of inking pens
  • 1 Strathmore Vision sketchbook 7 x 10 and 1 Copic Multiliner set of inking pens
  • 1 Speedball Sketching Artist Set

Each participant can upload up to 4 pictures
Good luck !


Upload your picture here

The Big Picture Art Project : May 2017 pics of the month

We are picking up speed, it is nice to see the Big Picture growing in front of our eyes!

Here is a selection of some of the drawings uploaded this month, those drawings have been chosen to showcase the diversity of the participations.

Click on any picture to see it on the Big Picture and read the caption:


Stephanie Burgee
United States
Anna Sophie Ruju

PJ Preston
Shannon Porter

Huy Nguyễn

Carlos Granja

Patricia Lortie

Yvania Amrbozino

Margot Snelder 

Each participant can upload up to 4 pictures, so feel free to upload more if you are under the 4 pictures limit.

Good news!

We are collaborating with Copic markers, Starthmore papers, Panpastels and Speeball to offer prizes to the most interesting participations. If you already submitted a drawing, you are automatically entered to win a prize.
If you haven’t submitted a drawing yet, the deadline to win a prize is June 14 th.